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Preventing pump theft


With rural theft costing an estimated £42.3 million last year, security continues to be a major concern and Briggs Irrigation has announced modifications to its range of diesel engine pumps to make theft of fuel and the pumpset as difficult as possible.

Fuel is one of the most commonly targeted - and increasingly valuable - items. A lockable galvanised fuel filler cover has therefore been introduced as a standard fitting on all models.

A removable drawbar has also been fitted as a simple but effective way of deterring theft of the pump itself.

As pumps are often sited in relatively remote locations for long periods steps have been taken to help them blend into the background. The standard acoustic pump cover now comes in NATO green - as well as in the tradition Briggs’ blue - or a wide choice of colours are available as an option.

Fortunately theft of water remains unknown but water siphoning from a reservoir may feel like theft of a valuable commodity.  This can be prevented with the addition of a new optional electro valve on the pump outlet, which shuts off the outlet when the engine is not running. In the event of a pipe leak when pumping downhill this prevents water siphoning away.