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New options for using layflat hose


A new VR Hosereel drag fitting is now available that allows layflat supply hoses to be ‘dragged’ to the next run without disconnecting them from the hosereel. Available for VR4, VR5 and VR7 machines, the connector enables the supply hose from the main to be dragged easily and quickly to the next run, making it a simple but effective time saving option that has already proved popular on several farms.

With more and more customers using layflat pipeline to deliver water from the pump to the field, we have also introduced hydraulic front or rear mounted hose winders for layflat irrigation mains. 

Layflat offers a number of advantages over aluminium mains including a higher pressure rating, fewer joints and the ability to go round bends and through hedges without needing extra fittings. One person can lay down up to 1000m of hose per hour.

Another new option is that the new heavy duty chassis used for the R46 boom is now available for existing R18, R24 and R30 boom sections. This chassis offers offset waterfeed spanning one bed (1.8 to 2.2m) or central waterfeed (1.5 to 4.4m track).