R76 beans

New 76m boom & seasonal service offers


We have launched our largest UK-manufactured boom to date, a 76-metre version of our four-wheel chassis series.

The new R76 can achieve irrigated widths of 80 metres up to a maximum of 96 metres without using spray guns at either end, thus providing accurate, uniform, low pressure irrigation across the entire width.

The new model requires a hydraulic lift system to allow the arms to be opened manually by one person before the boom is raised to ensure adequate ground clearance along its entire length. The boom is also fitted with a self-leveling mechanism to limit lateral movement during the run.

The machine is thus 12 metres wider than the largest boom we have offered to date, giving farmers who have large, level fields the option of reducing the number of passes and thus the amount of manpower for irrigation. It also ensures efficient, accurate and gentle low pressure irrigation which is particularly suitable for high value crops.

Four R76 booms have been working on farms in France for the last three seasons with 1800 - 2400 hours on each machine so we are happy with the structural strength of the new outer boom sections. The new design is based on the current 50m and 64m booms but the two outer sections are made from type 314 stainless steel for good strength to weight ratio.

Now is the ideal to order any machine from our range as we are offering out of season discounts of 3% across the board until 1 March 2015. We also offer reduced winter service charges until the end of February. These can include the use of a mobile compressor so the water can be blown out of the reels for winter storage, which eliminates the need to lay the hose out and wind it back on the drum with the PTO.

More information on our seasonal offers and a number of useful modifications now available can be found in our latest newsletter.