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R46 road ready

R46 road ready


Our new range of R46 hosereel mounted booms fold easily around the hosereel for transport but on the road the total width may need to be reduced further.We have therefore introduced an optional set of extra brackets which allow three of the boom sections on either side to be uncoupled and stacked vertically, as shown in our latest video.Its a simple job for two people and takes just a few minutes. The kit includes the lever arm ‘tool’ used to swing the second sections into position.With a 2.2m wide centre section the narrowest width is 3.1m, while with a 2.5m centre section the narrowest width is 3.4m.

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VR7 110 600 reduced for newsletter

New options for using layflat hose


A new VR Hosereel drag fitting is now available that allows layflat supply hoses to be ‘dragged’ to the next run without disconnecting them from the hosereel. Available for VR4, VR5 and VR7 machines, the connector enables the supply hose from the main to be dragged easily and quickly to the next run, making it a simple but effective time saving option that has already proved popular on several farms. With more and more customers using layflat pipeline to deliver water from the pump to the field, we have also introduced hydraulic front or rear mounted hose winders for layflat irrigation mains.  Layflat offers a number of advantages over aluminium mains including a higher pressure rating, fewer joints and the ability to go round bends and through hedges without needing extra fittings. One pe...

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R76 beans

New 76m boom & seasonal service offers


We have launched our largest UK-manufactured boom to date, a 76-metre version of our four-wheel chassis series. The new R76 can achieve irrigated widths of 80 metres up to a maximum of 96 metres without using spray guns at either end, thus providing accurate, uniform, low pressure irrigation across the entire width. The new model requires a hydraulic lift system to allow the arms to be opened manually by one person before the boom is raised to ensure adequate ground clearance along its entire length. The boom is also fitted with a self-leveling mechanism to limit lateral movement during the run. The machine is thus 12 metres wider than the largest boom we have offered to date, giving farmers who have large, level fields the option of reducing the number of passes and thus the amount of man...

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pump news

Preventing pump theft


With rural theft costing an estimated £42.3 million last year, security continues to be a major concern and Briggs Irrigation has announced modifications to its range of diesel engine pumps to make theft of fuel and the pumpset as difficult as possible. Fuel is one of the most commonly targeted - and increasingly valuable - items. A lockable galvanised fuel filler cover has therefore been introduced as a standard fitting on all models. A removable drawbar has also been fitted as a simple but effective way of deterring theft of the pump itself. As pumps are often sited in relatively remote locations for long periods steps have been taken to help them blend into the background. The standard acoustic pump cover now comes in NATO green - as well as in the tradition Briggs’ blue - or a wide cho...

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Coping with uncertainty


As uncertain weather patterns appear to be the one certainty in UK farming, the industry’s supply chain has increasingly been found wanting. Supplying agrochemicals on a “just in time” basis when the “time” might be tomorrow or is for just two days in two month’s time is always going to be a high risk strategy; at least without the benefit of a crystal ball - or an accurate long range weather forecast. As rain can’t be turned on or off like a tap, irrigation “when it’s needed” is the best alternative and that means having enough of the right equipment at the right time. “Methods of monitoring and mapping water requirements are becoming increasingly sophisticated and last year’s early drought focused attention on maximizing irrigation efficiency. Soil water monitoring and water balance mode...

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